Sponsor a Full Scholarship Seat for the Live to Ride Program


Let a local youth experience the benefits of the Live to Ride Mountain Bike program organized by Elevation Outdoors.  For only $450 you can cover the entire cost of the program and let a local youth experience all that mountain biking and Elevation Outdoors has to offer.


About the Live to Ride Mountain Bike Program:

With a maximum of 12 participants in the program, we start on day one teaching the basics of how to mountain bike: peddling, braking, and body position all in a flat ground session so that each rider can get comfortable on the bike before even having to worry about going down a hill.  Once the participants have these skills dialed in we advance through a progression of terrain and trail choices so that participants skills can progress each ride.  With a lesson to start off each ride, delivered by a PMBI certified instructor, the skill sets required to ride more advanced terrain are built up over the program as each rider’s confidence increases.

Riders are exposed to a variety of trail types from cross country to lift assisted downhill riding (in some programs) with the ability break into smaller groups to ensure each rider is on terrain and moving at a pace they are comfortable with.  This allows for a more comfortable learning environment as each rider will become comfortable with different terrain and pace on their own terms.

Included in the program we do our best to introduce the participants to an array of industry related jobs in an effort to expand the participants’ horizons.  We have our PMBI instructor speak with the participants about the opportunities available as a mountain bike instructor in the area. We also have a day where a local bike shop provides one of their staff for a lesson on the basics of bike maintenance. The shop staff member also speaks about the types of roles available in the retail industry that supports mountain biking.

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