Sponsor a Full Scholarship Seat for the Learn to Shred Program


Let a local youth experience the benefits of the Learn to Shred program organized by Elevation Outdoors.  For only $600 you can cover the entire cost of the program and let a local youth experience all that snowboarding and Elevation Outdoors has to offer.


About the Learn to Shred Program:

The Learn to Shred program is Elevation Outdoors longest running program.  Started in 2007 the program has expanded to now include two 4 week long programs with 2 sessions per week for the duration of each program. Participants in the program have limited to no previous experience with snowboarding, so the program starts with the very fundamentals of the sport.

With the guidance of certified instructors from Big White’s experienced team participants learn the basics with the support of our volunteer mentors.  As their skills progress they are broken down into smaller groups to allow their skills to develop at their own pace without the pressure that being in a larger group can bring.  This allows for more focused instruction from the Big White team, as well as for better quality interactions with our volunteer team.

Each week of the program has a different theme to help prepare the participants to better face the challenges that life will bring their way.  We also introduce the participants to the various job/career opportunities that are available to them within the snowboard industry.  The participants have a chance to chat with the instructors from Big White about their job, as well the head of Big White Ski Patrol provides a tour of the patrol hut and gives a chat about how you can start as a volunteer patroller and work your way up to being paid patrol on the mountain.  We also arrange a tour of the lift operations with one of the Millwrights that speaks about how the lifts work and also about the options to get on the lift team starting in high school and being able to work your way up to earning a Red Seal millwright status over time.

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