Sponsor a Full Scholarship Seat for the Leaders in Action


Leaders in Action is a Leadership Development Program organized by Elevation Outdoors.  The program is a ten month program that is broken down into three semesters.

Here is a summary of the activities youth will participate in during the Leaders in Action Program.

  • Youth will take part in all Elevation Outdoors’ activities during the year, including Climbing, Hiking, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, plus additional activities of snowshoeing, outdoor winter survival, trail building.
  • Volunteering will also be a part of the program on a regular basis via helping with younger youth in our core programs, helping at fundraisers, and aiding other organizations with outdoor trail maintenance.
  • Job shadowing will also be a focus for youth so they can explore different industries and see where their career interest may lie.
  • The group will learn to take control of their own finances and direction by designing and executing their own fundraiser to fund an end of year camping trip.

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