Sponsor a Full Scholarship Seat for the Get a Grip Program


Let a local youth experience the benefits of the Get a Grip program organized by Elevation Outdoors.  For only $300 you can cover the entire cost of the program and let a local youth experience all that rock climbing and Elevation Outdoors has to offer.


About the Get a Grip Hike Program:

The Get a Grip program has quickly become one of Elevation Outdoors’ most popular programs.  We first ran this program in 2015 and it has become one of our most sought after programs as it introduces participants to both indoor and outdoor climbing.  The program now runs for 4 weeks every May and June.  The program is designed for participants that have limited to no previous experience with the sport of rock climbing, but can easily accommodate a more experienced climber who is looking for an opportunity to gain more experience and make some new friends.

With the support of the climbing gym staff, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of rock climbing on day one.  This includes a belay lesson so that all participants can develop this skill and climb safely with a partner on the rope walls.

As the program progresses some basic movement lessons are provided to help each participant improve their technique to enhance the climbing experience.  The indoor climbing gym is a great location to learn the new skills and practice them in a controlled environment where each participant can progress at their own pace and challenge themselves on the different routes in the gym.

Each week of the program has a different theme to help prepare the participants to better face the challenges that life will bring their way.  By the end of the program the goal is to have each participant be able to successfully belay, tie a figure 8 follow through knot, and be able to reach the top of some beginner climbing routes and problems.

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