Bot-Bot the Robot Finds his Feelings – Children’s Book


As part of The #1MillionCampign, proceeds from each purchase help to fund Childhood Connection’s, Playful Healing program, which provides free play therapy and child life therapy for children and families in financial need.


  • This is a Children’s Book, accessible for all ages and easy to comprehend!
  • This book helps to Explain Emotions, what they are, and how they can make you feel!
  • This is Made In England with a special connection to the Okanagan.
  • 100% of Proceeds Donated to Childhood Connections Playful Healing program.
  • This collaboration with Playful Healing, a program by Childhood Connections, was created to end the stigma around mental health and accessing support at any age.
  • Written by Nicola Lathey + Dr. Faye Millner.



I’m giving you permission, I’m asking for what I need. Go ahead, Ask Me How I Feel.

Selling under The ‘Playful Healing’ Collection, this edition of Bot-bot the robot finds his feelings helps to understand the zones of regulation and managing emotions.
Bot-bot the robot has just been born. Every new situation in which he finds himself sparks a new emotion to learn about; what it is and how his body feels.
Join Bot-bot and his family on their adventures as they learn about their feelings, emotions and senses!
As a collective, we’ve been doing our best to open the conversation surrounding mental health and illness, shattering the stigma one shared experience at a time. But sometimes we forget how hard it is to even get up the courage to use our voice … so what if we broke down those barriers? Opened up that boundary? And started the conversation.